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Fine Ring Appraisal

Production & Fulfillment services 

We've Got Your Back!

Supporting Drop shippers and e-commerce sellers for over a decade , we are producing , Branding and shipping Jewelry pieces for trusted Brands around the world every single day.

Hustle free Logistics , in a fair price .

You Enjoy the Success ,

we take the Stress.

Marble Surface

 well , Now you can ...

" Being an Artist and a Designer Myself for over 30 years I know that

some of the Logistics that we have to do in order to sell our pieces 

are sometimes a bit overwhelming .

it was and is my mission , to create and sustain a company that is focused on

Supporting the Artist , an organisation that will be like family.

and today , I am proud to say , we have created an amazing all-in-one platform 

offering support in every single step of the business model of the modern

Artist / Designer / entrepreneur that wants to succeed online.

you do you , let us take care of the rest .

we take the Stress ,

you Enjoy the Success. "


Michael Krainer

 Founder and Owner

DIY Boxes


From Product Photography to Branded Jewelry Packaging , we can do it all.

Marble Surface

Design & Production

Our designing team are true art pioneers , if you can dream it we can make it . 

Designing Jewelry made out of all metals With all kinds of  gemstones .

Shades of White Stone


30 years in the Business has there benefits .

we are dealing with industry leading vendors and we have a strict QC process to ensure the best outcome.

Square Stage

Shipping in the USA

Storage and discounted shipping rates

using our 


Fulfillment center .

Design & Production

 Design & production 

Jewelry Sketches

Product Idea

Whether you have a finished sketch or just an idea , our product development team will guide you step-by-step towards your dream product .

in 30 years of Jewelry production and designing we learned and perfect the process of product development , and we know that to design your own product is a big deal , that's why we are here to take you on a journey and an unforgettable experience.   


Sketches and CAD Printing

Our design team will amaze you with detailed sketches made by hand which then upon approval will be turned to Beautiful CAD files .

The cad files will be printed in a unique 3-D printer in the actual size of the future product in order for you to see and feel how the finished item will look . 

Work Table in Jewelery Workshop


The 3-D printed masters will be turned into Metal Masters by creating a unique rubber mold and injecting the desired metal in it .

That first metal master will go through filing and carving before it will be reproduced as per your requested Quantity. 

Making Gold Jewelries


As per your request our stonecutters will cut the Gemstones , set them , Engrave, polish , plate with another metal other thing you have in mind .

we use cutting edge technology in every step of the way , and our innovative team are constantly evolving doing everything they can to deliver exceptional quality in an affordable price  

Materials & Capabilities

Materials and capabilities

Engraving / Carving

Whether it's personalisation and  laser engraving or complex CNC machine carving assignments we can do it all . by using cutting edge technology , now more than ever - we are able to Surprise our customers with outstanding Quality and some unique production techniques .


Gemstones & Beyond

30 years of connections with trusted suppliers all around the world. We go above and beyond to find the most unique and extraordinary pieces out there , and we are keeping an inventory of a huge variety of some of the most poplar and loved stones .

on the other side , we are working with alternative materials such as enamel , Simulated Stones (CZ etc) wood , corals , pottery , ceramic , glass and more.

Gold Jewelries

Metals and Plating

High end ? fashion jewelry ?

Gold or Silver ? Maybe Platinum? or Brass? 

we are working with all types of precious and non-precious metals , casting and plating .

In addition we are offering E - coating nano transparent plating for extra Anti Tarnish protection 

Branding & Beyond

 Branding & beyond 

Product photography


Our Media Team Offers High End Photoshots in order to maximise the effect of your products online.

 Three angle high quality shots that are compatible with all sales platforms requests , on a professional white background are the Basic that you must have in order to showcase your items in your Online stores . 

In addition to the basics you will need lifestyle and model photos to make social media content , website banner and if you want your products to stand out on the sales platforms . 

Branded Packaging


Boxes , Pouches , certificates and Graphic elements .

our Marketing Team will help you  design the perfect overall branded package that will suit  your product and Customers.

anything is possible , and everything can be done , thanks to our long-lasting relationships with some of the top industry-leading packaging suppliers in Asia . 

Marketing Strategy 


Business Team

Your success is our success and we are here to help .

We treat our customers as family and we will be there for you in every step of the way.

You can approach us with any questions or advice and we will be happy to share from our knowledge and experience .

the team we have on-board are experts in online marketing and branding strategies.

Our goal is to grow together , and we will go above and Beyond to make this another success story.



 Shipping in the USA

FullFilment in USA
Leaning Against the Wall

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If you are interested in starting your own jewelry brand from scratch , if it is fulfillment services in the United States or Jewelry production in Asia - we are here for you .

it is time

to become what

you are destined to Become

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