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About Beyond Silver.

Who are we?

We are a reputable silver jewelry design and semi precious gemstone manufacturing company, taking pride in creating high quality, good value collections.

Our manufacturing facility is based in Bangkok Thailand, the global epicenter for gemstone jewelry manufacture. We are a one stop shop fulfilling all the processes from design, stone cutting, casting and finishing in house.  Our family of 100+ skilled craftsmen is our greatest asset. Our commitment to creating at the highest level of quality, at a competitive price point is your assurance of a profitable partnership with Beyond Silver.

The materials we use

Each hand made piece from sterling silver combined with semi precious gemstones and crafted to the highest standard.

Customer satisfaction.

Our satisfaction comes from your satisfaction so we make every effort to ensure you are delighted with your purchase and the service you receive. Please don’t hesitate to call us, we are a small friendly team and always happy to answer your queries. We are also happy to discuss doing something specific – we love a challenge!

Global Markets

For ease of ordering and service, distribution facilities exist in North America, Europe and Japan.

Beyond Silver has been in business since 1987. We are a company which thrives on innovation and creativity.

For other designers and producers we provide stone cutting services. So if you are looking for a standard faceted cut stone or something different and innovative for your special collection we are your address to provide you with both standard and fancy cut stones.

We believe in pushing the borders in our design department to create new and exciting designs. Our designers are a passionate team creating and innovating new ideas.

We are passionate about rocks and gemstones, always looking to maximize the beauty from a piece of rough mineral. Our skilled cutters and polishers craft magnificent gems from a piece of rough rock.

Apart from providing service to our corporate clients, we believe in nurturing small start ups. If you are a small business starting off on your road to success, you will always receive a friendly welcome at Beyond Silver. We offer many different services without charge in order to give you added value to our relationship.

Last but not least we would like to state a special appreciation to our family of skilled craftsmen to whom we owe our success. We believe in ethical employee relations, treating our team of workers with respect, giving them treats and benefits because we know that whatever they receive they give us back tenfold!

Beyond Silver is owned and operated by Arty-Sun LLC